Coffee Run Cottage - Reedsville, PA

During Your Stay

Outside/Inside Views

Kitchen Facilities

Whether you're in the area for a family gathering, for business, for pleasure or even the Penn State game, Coffee Run Cottage's kitchen is the perfect place to prepare your necessities. The kitchen is fully stocked with appliances, cookware, plates, dishes, etc. A microwave, cook top, oven and full size refrigerator will accommodate your cooking needs. (photo: Coffee Run Cottage Kitchen)

The Herb Garden

Just outside the front door is an Herb Garden supplied with herbs (in season) used during the colonial era as well as still in use today. Feel free to help yourself to herbs when preparing meals. Please see the Herb Garden page for a complete description of the herbs and their uses. (photo: Fresh Herbs in Season)

Linens and Supplies

During your stay at Coffee Run Cottage, we provide full bed and bath linens. Hand and bath soap are provided. However, guests will need to provide their own personal toiletry items (shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, brush/comb, etc.). (photo: Comfy and Cozy Bed)

The Ladies

"The Ladies" are a variety of laying hens. During your stay at Coffee Run Cottage the Ladies will be happy to provide you with freshly laid eggs (as available) for your use. There's nothing quite like a country morning making an omelet using fresh eggs just gathered from the chicken coop with a sprinkle of fresh dill from the herb garden. (photo: The Ladies in the Morning)

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